A content management system (CMS) is a type of technology that manages all types of media content. The content management system manages media in three different ways.

The first way is defining the functionality of the media type. The content management system defines, for each media or content type what it will do when it's presented in the web site. A simple example, imagine an picture on a web site. The CMS helps you decide the size of the picture. Do you want a link to another web page associated to it? And, do you want the picture cached so it loads quickly.

The second way the CMS manages media is deciding structure of the presentation to the viewer. How do you want your media content organized? Presentation is very important! If your media content is not organized in comprehensive fashion, user engagement will be pour and bounce rate will be high. Search engines such as Google take the bounce rate seriously.

Thirdly, a CMS manages design. How will your media content look? For example, by using cascading style sheets (CSS), a Web Designer tells the CMS want font to use for text. Or, what color the text should be in a link

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Drupal Hosting Theme - beautiful, highly customizable, responsive and retina ready. Animated scroll effects and five home page styles from which to choose.

About This Theme

Drupal Palas Theme, a multipurpose theme compatible with Drupal Commerce. Excellent for corporate, ecommerce, agency or blog. Includes premium modules.

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