Cloud hosting is an optimal combination of superior reliability with guaranteed assurance of resources for your hosting needs.

Relative to your web services utilization, cloud hosting is also a cost prohibitive choice. Cyber Teknic's choices of third party suppliers of cloud hosting offer 24/7 technical support, automated backups, guaranteed bandwidth and RAM. And, options such as additional ip addresses that don't share C-blocks and managing your own domain name services (DNS).

What are other hosting choices? A very inexpensive hosting alternative is shared hosting. Shared hosting is when resources are spread among other web services other than your own. In other words, if other web sites have greater utilization of resources, your web site will fluctuate on how fast it delivers content.

Another cheaper hosting solution is a virtual private server (VPS). VPS is an operating system within a host operating system. A VPS is contained and has guaranteed access to resources. What is the difference between cloud hosting and a VPS? Cloud hosting has the same concept as a VPS but the VPS itself is spread over a network of servers which gives it superior reliability

What if your company has it's own hosting servers? No problem... Cyber Teknic will install and maintain web services on whatever operating system you use on your servers. Our hosting is done on the Linux operating system. Our VPS, depending on our third party vendor, is Centos or Red Hat Enterprise. Both Centos and Red Hat are optimized as servers of web services. Centos and Red Hat are highly robust, reliable and secure operating systems.

What third party Vendors do you use? The choice of hosting Vendors depends on your needs. Cyber Teknic uses TekTonic for Cloud VPS hosting. We've used TekTonic for many years. Their support is 24/7 and provide immediate attention upon submitting a support ticket. Additionally, TekTonic has 24/7 live support chat. TekTonic also offers VPS, dedicated servers and DNS service.

An exciting and emerging third party host is Amazon Web Services. AWS offers platforms with a multitude of operating systems, databases, web servers. Services include monitoring, security solutions, DNS, email and application development sandboxes. AWS currently handles some of the larger web sites on the internet. As your company's web services needs grow, AWS will have a technological solution to fit your needs. AWS offers a free 1 year trial of their smallest VPS. Ideal for a new web site, small business or new internet marketing campaign.


Our Process

Putting a web site together along with a internet marketing campaign requires tremendous amount of planning. Our job is to take the complexity out of the task while minimizing cost and time. Bottom line, Cyber Teknic works closely with you assuring a well thought out plan that expedites the process at the lowest cost to you. And, delivering an outstanding website that serves you well!

Design begins in the planning process. Pictorial 'Mock ups' of the theme you chose are presented with your company color schemes, images and structure that best presents the information. You have an idea of what the web site looks like before the web design coding begins. Emphasis is made on balance, color scheme that blends well, information that can be found quickly and a strong message of professionalism.

Web development is the programming behind a website theme and content management system. Occasionally, a particular functionality cannot be found in either Wordpress plugins or Drupal modules. Then, a module or plugin needs to be programmed. Modules and plugins can be outsourced inexpensively.

Cyber Teknic's testing consists of pre-launch bench tests against the anticipated load of your website. Content management systems need tuning such as server-side caching, optimizing image size to assure your website loads as quickly as possible. Testing also includes making sure you have enough processing power behind your anticipated demand. Cyber Teknic also has to test when software upgrades occur. Testing software upgrades, patches and security fixes have to be done on development servers that are backed up.

Finally moving your CMS to production is an exciting event but necessary tasks must follow. Internet marketing is a process that doesn't happen overnight. It's very methodical and done carefully so your web site isn't penalized by the search engines. Internet marketing has increased in complexity requiring an ever increasing breadth of knowledge. Cyber Teknic produces comprehensive reports helping your company understand your marketing campaign. Our reports demonstrate progress made and areas of weakness that need more work.