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Drupal Theming

CyberTeknic offers a wide variety of beautiful Drupal themes. Drupal is a CMS with greater richness and reach. Have needs with sophisticated dynamic content? Drupal!


Need an eCommerce solution? CyberTeknic offers a wide selection of beautiful eCommerce themes integrating with the CMS fitting your needs.


High availability, superior speed, and the best internet security?  CyberTeknic's cloud hosting!  As your business grows, our cloud hosting grows with you..

Internet Marketing

It's just not your website anymore... CyberTeknic provides all your internet marketing needs ranging from social media, PPC, affiliate marketing and more!!

Mobile Development

Does your website present itself on tablets and smart phones? If not, CyberTeknic sells themes appearing beautifully with all ways of viewing a website.

Technical Support

Your beautiful website is launched on our cloud hosting.. What's next? CyberTeknic offers technical support packages assuring seamless performance.

Web Design

CyberTeknic's themes save labor on web design.. What has to be done? Cyberteknic uses web design to integrate your branding scheme with your website theme.

Web Development

Our CMS offer thousands of modules,plugins and widgets adding customized functionality. Have special functional needs? CyberTeknic has you covered..

WordPress Theming

CyberTeknic offers a wide selection of beautiful WordPress themes. Ranging from personal blogs, exhibiting creative work, e-commerce and beyond..